Today, our hearts are heavy with grief as the catastrophe unfolds on Maui. Lives of our fellow Rotarians, families, and friends across the island have been drastically changed, potentially forever, due to rampant fires. The devastation is immense and the loss unthinkable. As we grapple with this reality, our deepest sympathies, thoughts, and prayers go out to all affected.
As is our charge, Rotary is stepping forward to lend help.

Action Amidst Tragedy: A Call to 'Create Hope For Maui'

In response to the distressing events, we, as people of action, have the power to catalyze change. We need to come together, more than ever, to 'Create Hope for Maui'.
Through the Rotary District 5000 Foundation, we have established a special relief fund. We are assessing the situation, talking with Rotarians on Maui, and are finding the areas of greatest need for the distribution of funds. This single relief fund strategy will ensure that the benefits, over time, reach those most affected and provide much-needed aid in varied capacities.

Your Contribution: The Power to Build Hope

This moment calls for collective action. We urge you to consider donating to this special fund. Every contribution, large or small, will make a noticeable difference, providing tangible aid and solace to those grappling with the enormous impact of the disaster.

In the face of devastation, we find strength. Let's transform sympathy into action, despair into hope.